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Niagara Falls Bridge Commission
Niagara Falls Bridge Commission

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Toll Account Reports

Overview Report

  • Your Account Balance as of the
    current date

Detailed Report

  • Listing by month of all toll crossings and account replenishments
  • Balance Forward: Net activity balance from previous month
  • Total Transactions: Activity for month run
  • Total Payments: Amounts added to account for month run
  • Monthly Balance: Balance on account at the end of month run
  • Current Account Balance: Account balance as of report date
  • Card Deposit Amount: Depost is deducted from Account Balance

Online Payment Selections

One Time Payment
  • To perform online payments, you must first register your account here by
    submitting a valid Email address
  • Your ExpressPass Online Payment Account allows you to:
    • Perform Visa / Master Card Payments Online
    • View / Update your contact information

Recurring Payment
  • Recurring Payment allows you to:
    • Make automatic Visa / Master Card Payments
    • Replenish your account when your balance gets low

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